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Formerly known as Lance Elliott Cleaning Services

Formally known as Lance Elliott Cleaning Ballarat, we provide Professional Cleaning in Ballarat and Surrounding Areas For Your Office, House, Industrial & Commercial Needs

Our experienced cleaners in Ballarat will leave your property spotless.


Ballarat Cleaning Specialists

Ballarat's most knowledgeable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Specialists !

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Ballarat Covid-19 Cleaning

Advanced Star Cleaning is Ballarat’s most professional licenced Covid-19 cleaners when you need Ballarat coronavirus cleaning.

We provide an anti-viral service which includes preventative cleaning of Covid-19 or proper infection control and decontamination of Covid-19 following an outbreak in the Ballarat region.

Our preventative Ballarat Covid-19 cleaning follows all the advised practices stipulated by the Governmental Department of health and covers the cleaning of touchpoints within the workplace or home.

Infection control or full biohazard decontamination cleans involves a rigorous process disinfecting and sanitising of all surfaces which could have come into contact with Covid-19. We accomplish this using the very latest state of the art industrial foggers which creates a disinfectant mist that ensures all surfaces that could have come into contact with Covid-19 is sanitised.

It is important to note that infection control cleaning should be completed by a trained professional and not just someone who only has janitorial experience only. Advanced Star cleaning is a qualified Forensic Cleaner and therefore has the knowledge and professionalism to deal with Bio-decontamination and Bio-Waste removal.

Accordingly look no further than Advanced Star Cleaning when looking for Ballarat's leading commercial cleaning company, providing Covid-19 disinfectant & anti-viral cleaning services, to keep your family, friends, employees & customers safe.

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Advanced Star Cleaning

About us

Are you after that lovely feeling of coming home to a beautifully clean house without the effort of actually cleaning it yourself? Call Advanced Star Cleaning in Ballarat today.

We are a Ballarat owned and operated family business established in 1990 as Lance Elliott Cleaning Services. We have a genuine passion for what we do and we have a fantastic team of experienced Ballarat cleaners who strive to deliver an outstanding service on each and every job.

Through our professional Ballarat cleaning services, we aim to improve your health and wellbeing by ensuring your property is kept free from dirt, dust, and grime. All our cleaners work quickly and efficiently to ensure a professional finish every time.

Our cleaning services

Why Choose Advanced Star Cleaning?

Our friendly staff provide cleaning services for residential homes and industrial or commercial properties in the Ballarat area.

Our reliable team boasts years of experience especially within the carpet cleaning industry. If your carpets are looking stained and dirty, call us now and we’ll provide a thorough cleaning service to leave them looking almost like new.

Advanced Star Cleaning is the name you can trust when you need cleaners in Ballarat.

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Service you can Trust

A personalised cleaning plan to suit you

We offer cleaning solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether you’d like to book a cleaner for a one-off visit or you need a more regular cleaning schedule, we’ll be able to assist you.

When you contact our friendly team, we can offer you an onsite inspection and can take you through our cleaning services to provide you with a personalised plan to suit your needs.

We work by appointment only. It’s best to give us as much notice as you can, but we’ll always try and accommodate you so give us a call today for your Ballarat cleaning needs.

Specialist cleaning products

Exceptional results

We use specialist, high-quality cleaning products (including Agar Cleaning Chemicals).to improve hygiene in your property and ensure professional results. 

Book a regular appointment with Advanced Star Cleaning in Ballarat to keep your home or office neat and clean and to improve the air quality of your environment.