Ballarat Drug and Meth Lab Cleaning

Advanced Star Cleaning is Ballarat’s leading drug and meth lab cleaning professionals.

Meth labs are toxic to the environment, harmful to life and cause property value to decrease.

Advanced Star Cleaning is a certified remediation business located in Ballarat offering a drug and meth lab clean up service carried out by highly trained technicians. The process our technicians follows includes testing samples, clearing and complete decontamination of challenging environments with the aim of protecting the public and the environment.

Our main goal is to quickly return an area to a safe zone. The process is fully documented and we deal with the risks so you don’t have to. We also provide the owners of the property with a pre and post meth lab forensic testing results which assist with reducing costs associated in the remediation process by identifying contaminated areas of concern.

So if you are looking for a trusted team specialising in drugs and meth lab clean up then get in contact with Advanced Star Cleaning.