Ballarat Covid-19 Cleaning

Advanced Star Cleaning is Ballarat’s most professional licenced Covid-19 cleaners.

We provide an anti-viral service which includes preventative cleaning of Covid-19 or proper infection control and decontamination of Covid-19 following an outbreak in the Ballarat region.

Our preventative Covid-19 cleaning in Ballarat follows all the advised practices stipulated by the Governmental Department of health and covers cleaning of touchpoints within the workplace or home.

Infection control or a full bio hazard decontamination clean involves a rigorous process disinfecting and sanitising of all surfaces which could have come into contact with Covid-19. We accomplish this using the very latest state of the art industrial foggers which creates a disinfectant mist that ensures all surfaces that could have come into contact with Covid-19 is sanitised.

It is important to note that infection control cleaning should be completed by a trained professional and not just someone who only has janitorial experience only. Advanced Star cleaning is a qualified Forensic Cleaner and therefore has the knowledge and professionalism to deal with Bio-decontamination and Bio-Waste removal.

Accordingly look no further than Advanced Star Cleaning when looking for Ballarat's leading commercial cleaning company, providing Covid-19 disinfectant & anti-viral cleaning services, to keep your family, friends, employees & customers safe.

Ballarat Deep Cleans

Advanced Star Cleaning is Ballarat’s leading deep clean specialists. We strive to offer the most responsive, professional service available on the market. Deep cleaning involves a controlled and structured clean that is more detailed than a standard clean.

Our primary areas of intervention are industrial hygiene, commercial hygiene, and clinical hygiene. Our services include disinfection and decontamination, and we work with your management to ensure we offer an appropriate level of deep cleaning for your industry, and your particular setting.

We can work with you on a one-off basis for an emergency deep clean, or on a contract basis, where we come to you on a regular schedule to maintain a healthy, hygienic environment. We are also able to be flexible in how we clean depending on the current situation.

Our goal is always to stay ahead of the game regarding the technology we use and the processes we follow.

Accordingly, when you need a deep clean look no further than Advanced Star Cleaning….Ballarat most trusted deep cleaning professionals.