Ballarat Trauma

Advanced Star Cleaning is Ballarat’s trusted professionals when you require a trauma clean.

Blood, vomit, faeces, urine and other bodily fluids pose a serious health risk to those who come into contact with them and accordingly the area affected will have to be professionally cleaned to ensure the safety of others. A successful trauma cleaning service, such as provided by Advanced Star Cleaning, will not only clean what is obvious to the eye, but will complete the necessary controls to help reduce the risks to any contaminated areas not visible.

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Ballarat Crime Scene Cleaners

Advanced Star Cleaning can help you with your Ballarat crime scene clean up.

The scene of a crime can contain various risks and hazards; from blood and bodily fluids to debris and broken glass, to needles and syringes. Whether you’ve been victim to a burglary, experienced an assault on your premises, or been exposed to illegal drug use in your building, our experienced team of crime scene technicians can help.

Following a crime scene being release there still remains a risk of injury and infection from certain hazards. Accordingly the clean up process should be left to professional businesses with the specialist knowledge in this area and who also have the specialist PPE (personal protective equipment) and equipment to carry out a thorough decontamination of the affected areas so you can rest assured that the area is returned to a safe environment.

Advanced Star Cleaning….your trusted friend when it comes to Ballarat crime scene cleaning.

Ballarat Forensic Cleaning

Advance Star Cleaning is Ballarat No.1 forensic cleaners.

Forensic cleaning involves:

  • getting rid of odours, stains and fingerprint dust
  • disinfecting and sanitising the property
  • removing and safely disposing of bio-hazardous material.
  • It may also involve removing and safely disposing of furnishings, floorings, bedding and other items that are difficult to restore. Many hard furnishings can be treated and cleaned onsite.

The trauma associated with the discovery of a suicide, unattended death or crime scene can be overwhelming, leading to significant personal distress. Furthermore the potential risks associated with such a scene from blood, bloodborne pathogens and bodily fluids also represents a potential threat to human health.

Accordingly to help manage these risk with forensic cleaning and remediation in Ballarat look no further than Advanced Star Cleaning.